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Next, you must also know the simple steps of what is expected from all Operation Freedom members.

  1. You DO NOT need to stockpile and sell any products
  2. You DO need to familiarize yourself with the few videos available on this site, and familiarize yourself with our product at
  3. You DO need to make a list of all close friends and family (the more the better)
  4. Determine who on this list you think would be most excited about earning a monthly residual income and actively find other members on their own
  5. You will be expected to enroll only 2 people, and assist those 2 people in enrolling 2 more people
  6. With more enrollees, you will be recognized as an outstanding promoter within Operation Freedom, and secure your own financial freedom
  7. Keep in mind that it will take approximately 3 to 4 months of ordering by autoship and receipt of monthly product, before you recover your initial investment and receive a profit
  8. At this point your profit will exponentially grow
  9. Remember there are always team members to assist you with any of your questions or problems
  10. Daily other members are continually working with you to realize profits and expand the growth of Operation Freedom
  11. You can make this a fun and profitable business, allowing you the free time you deserve
  12. Simply fill out the application form at, and/or contact your local representative for any assistance
  13. Charge your card for 198 USD + tax, (this includes a one-time 49 USD fee).
  14. Every month thereafter, an additional 130 USD will be deducted from your credit card, and you will be shipped a new supply of the product.
  15. Utilize your product to instantly save you money
  16. Distribute the product to people who have expressed interest of becoming a potential member
  17. Use this link and get started NOW

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