The Spirit

Operation Freedom is a movement of individuals and of spirit that is contrary to the fundamentals of the traditional Multi-Level Marketing business climate.

Operation Freedom recognizes that our combined strength is greater than that of any one individual. As such, we diminish the weaknesses of the individual by focusing on the most considerable attributes of the collective team.

Operation Freedom has created a systematic approach to maximizing MLM pay plans. We believe in unity. We believe in one another. We believe in esteeming our newest members just as highly as the first. Our actions within this unique system prove this, beyond a doubt, as the newest distributors are presented with the opportunity to achieve the same rank and compensation as the very first enrolled.

Each new distributor is given the appropriate number of personal enrollments in each line of business to maximize their individual compensation. These personal enrollments are passed down to the new distributors from the Operation Freedom upline. When a new distributor receives these personal enrollments, they become a member of the Operation Freedom family. They then have the opportunity, if they so choose, to pass their personal enrollments down during the time they participate in that line of business.

Operation Freedom believes that the crux of growing a strong, viable, and multifaceted organization lies in identifying and meeting the needs of our newest distributors. Our combined past experience -- from traditional MLM successes and failures, to Fortune 100 Executives, entrepreneurs, legal advisors, and accomplished business leaders -- allows us to offer our distributors more than standard training. We offer personal guidance and valuable resources to assist each distributor in making their individual contributions to our overall success.

The essence of Operation Freedom resides in cultivating the success of others. Our dedication to the implementation of this movement is demonstrated daily through our recruiting and training. We are unified in our ambition to bless and free others from financial oppression with a sincerely noble impetus.

We receive together. We give together. To this cause -- to this movement -- to this systematic approach that is truly superior.

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