The Current Matrix

We Americans are all preprogrammed, prewired, and have been ushered since birth into the current matrix of buying and selling both goods and services.

Traditional business and buying practices include advertising, sales, incentives, and urgency to buy now, e.g. (exempli gratia):

Or how about one of my favorites, the “We are liquidating, everything must go” sale, only to find out that 2 years later that same sign is still up in the window and said business is still using the “urgency pitch” to garner our money.

In short, we Americans advertise, sell and buy products because of carefully crafted messages that entice us to spend our money.

We are fooling ourselves if we believe that there are “no profits” with these offers of goods and services that we jump on daily. Many of us even work at these places, provide our skills, crafts and efforts to them.

We buy because of perceived savings and or value — PERIOD. Coupon cutters, penny pinchers, bargain shoppers all alike flock to these enticements weekly, monthly and yearly...heck, for some of us, it is the AMERICAN WAY to shop!


The New Matrix will teach that we should spend our money where we make money; that we all are Patriots, Warriors, and Revolutionaries in this battle.

Saddle up pilgrim; we have a country to save!

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