The Average Joe


GI Joe

Throughout the site we refer to ourselves as “Average Joes” because we truly feel as if we ARE just your “Average Joe”, no better and no different than anyone else in many aspects. We are all looking for a change, a new way.

GI Joe

However, we do have many talents when pooled together, as we collectively make up a very strong “G.I. JOE” force of patriots and warriors in our mission to help others and ourselves in OPERATION FREEDOM.

The leadership of OPERATION FREEDOM has accomplished the following in our lives collectively:

As you can see, when we “pool” our strengths as a whole, it minimizes our weaknesses individually. It is the way of Operation Freedom to benefit all involved by leveraging our collective expertise for everyone’s benefit and their behalf.

WE HAVE CRACKED THIS CODE! WE know the pitfalls all Network Marketing or MLM people face. We know why they fail, why they don’t, and what it takes to guide the “Average Joe” to a result. OUR system is a collaborative expression and plan which minimizes the risks associated with MLM pay plans and ENROLLMENT DESIGNS.

OUR design, our system will enhance the lives of many Americans -- and already has. You have a STRONG, CAPABLE, WISE, AND BATTLE-TESTED TEAM of “Average Joes” beside you.

So “JOE”, how do you feel now?

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