The Mission

De Oppresso Liber

Freedom from Financial Oppression

Operation Freedom was created to prosper, bless, and unify our families. Our focus is on selfless acts of giving to our newest family member to help them achieve success in MLM pay structures.

We believe that focusing on the success of others will grant us success in our own ventures within Operation Freedom products, companies and services.

We will create multiple streams of income with multiple products in MLM pay structures, by uniting and adhering to a very detailed and revolutionary plan.

We will change lives. We will help our weak become strong by leading with our actions rather than our words.

WE WILL CHANGE OUR WORLD AND THE WORLD OF THOSE AROUND US, through selfless acts of giving to our newest distributor in each line of business every day.

Our mission is to revitalize and revolutionize your mindset, just as ours has been, to the true secrets of financial and spiritual freedom. This comes only when one realizes and practices the act of thinking, doing, and acting on the behalf of others, as opposed to that of self.

Catch the spirit of giving!

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