The Opportunity

Operation Freedom offers the “Average Joe” an opportunity of a lifetime. Joe does not need to be the best at anything.

He does not need to be a pro-MLMer, a fantastic salesman, or an incredible recruiter. In fact, Joe only needs to plug into the system by attending meetings and elevating the force and strength of the group with new members.

Individuals need only to identify prospects or opportunities to their Operation Freedom leadership team and upline. As we help Joe grow, Joe will become a leader himself and further assist in the growth of Operation Freedom.

Think about this:

The last time you looked for a job, you didn’t know the company, the practices, or the nuances of the company. You knew enough to start; you were willing to learn, and you were either forced into change or decided to make a change for a better result or future.

Are You Ready To Change?

Operation Freedom is no different than starting a new job. We do not expect anything other than your willingness to learn, to plug into meetings and events, and to adopt our “selfless” approach to business building. Anyone who can provide these three items will become a star within our organization.

We will have seven-figure earners within Operation Freedom — and we will do it together, in unity, and in a selfless passion for others.

QUESTION: Have you ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than a paycheck?

If so, Operation Freedom is seeking Patriot, Warrior, and Selfless leaders to help us spread this phenomenon throughout our state, our country and our world.

We will change the way our country perceives MLM. We will honor and esteem one another through a strict code of moral and ethical conduct. You will receive training from many CEOs, entrepreneurs, life coaches, and business experts ALL FOR FREE! There are no $500 to $5000 seminars you need to pay for — no hidden costs or fees to get this training. Simply put, you will be able to roll up your sleeves alongside those who have achieved what you dream of — what you seek is what you will find in Operation Freedom. Come help us shape and change the world!

Please take a moment to carefully consider this offer. The Operation Freedom family has the potential to continue to double in size every 30 days.  In addition to the massive amount of new members joining daily, we will continue to aggressively add small and large companies which will produce large gross volume and substantial profits for all our distributors.

Go to and fill out the application form. On behalf of you and your loved one's financial future, the time to act is NOW.

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YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Go to MYGASCASH.COM  and fill out the application form.   For assistance with filling out the application form, please contact your local distributor or by going to CONTACT link in menu at the top of any page.

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