The Future Matrix

Now, please take that matrix you are so plugged into, set it aside for just a moment and be ready to read, understand and ACT NOW upon the Future Matrix which is about to be presented to you.

OPERATION FREEDOM’s systematic, selfless acts based series of designs, and programs of goods and services, will revolutionize the way Americans perceive value in what they are spending their money on, and more importantly why.

Network of MLM marketing boasts of “the new distribution channels” — being responsible as the marketing arm to move product no different than Target or Wal-Mart. The exception being much less inventory to store and much less overhead.

Sounds good doesn’t it! Be your own boss, be your own Wal-Mart — Internal consumption is the key. Be like Noah and bring all the species you can gather into the boat 2 X 2. Do this long enough and PRESTO, you too can be a millionaire.

Sadly, this dream is realized by less than 4% of all the people who enter into ANY MLM or networking business opportunity. So if you think you fall in to the majority of us in the 96% who fail, please read on — your redemption is nigh!

True MLM has missed the mark badly for many reasons. First and foremost, the industry solely appeals to an individual’s “greed gland”. The training teaches you to “build a relationship” business that will ultimately usher you into a 7-figure residual income by maintaining these relationships.

Hmmm, okay, but since 96% of these relationships fail and only 4% work, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the most basic of math skills should tell you that a “typical” MLM training of methodology is destined to fail.

But let me ask you a question: What healthy, good, functional relationship will ever last when 96% of the time someone is getting screwed?? I don’t know about you, but it is my experience that all good, healthy, and long-term relationships function on a WIN-WIN platform.

Each party must have a WIN of some kind in order for any relationship to stand the test of time. 96% can’t get screwed while 4% get over.

OPERATION FREEDOM’s system is that WIN-WIN relationship.

Operation Freedom Has:

No face, no big name, just a bunch of average people ready, willing, and able to make a change for the better for everyone, not just themselves.

OPERATION FREEDOM will succeed because of all these things. But the one most important factor will be because we will focus on the “whole” as opposed to only one individual.

The New Matrix will teach, train, recruit, and enable those who realize that strength in unity is paramount. America will realize that the buy-in power of a group far outweighs and exceeds any perceived sale or value on which we currently spend our hard earned dollars.

The New Matrix will prove that good, will and does triumph over evil. That light far outshines darkness. That esteeming our fellow man is a universal truth, and its benefits are applicable in business, not just church, school, etc.

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