Housing Development Investment

Project: Fuzhou, Fujian, China


The China Housing Development Investment project is a unique investment opportunity. Minimum investment: $100,000. Target dollar amount: $3.5 million USD. Maximum 1-35 investors.

The project is a government approved 1000-house subdivision in the city of Fuzhou, China, located in the province of Fujian. Construction can commence immediately. This is a low-risk investment secured by Section D under S.E.C. regulations.

The price of real estate in China is continuing to increase. The Government has to expand the area of the city for the growing population, the incoming people, and foreign businesses. Fuzhou is now considered and recognized by the government of China as a city that is welcoming and opening up to international commerce.

For comparison, the United States has approximately 300 million people, and China has 1300 million people; that is 1 billion more people than the United States. Due to western civilization influence and other factors, they are now in desperate need of housing.

Construction will commence as soon as we reach our financial goal.

There are multi-billion dollar corporations in China (i.e., McDonalds, Pepsi Co., Wal-Mart, Kohler, etc...) and there are also multi-billion dollar corporations that are currently competing to get into China to do business (i.e., Ford Motor Corp., General Motors).

It is an understatement to say that China, and specifically the city of Fuzhou, is a booming market.

The average person or corporation will lose a substantial amount of profit paying middlemen or parties without proper government connections. Kinann Construction, Inc. has extremely influential government connections, through family ties, with the city of Fuzhou enabling investors to take advantage of this investment opportunity, without diverting funds away from our target project.

Special Report — Refer to Time Magazine June 27, 2005 issue, China's New Revolution: Growth.
China is an economic powerhouse that's growing, competing for resources and bursting with consumers.

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