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Corporation Copy

Kinann Construction, Incorporated, has a CitiBank Escrow Account established for the specific purpose of keeping track of each individual investor and their interest money that will accrue. There is a $100,000 minimum investment. Kinann Construction, Inc. will have no involvement with the funds until the target amount has been reached. If the investor elects to withdraw their funds prior to 6/30/06, the interest accrued will be forfeited. In the event that Kinann Construction, Inc. does not meet the target amount by the date June 30, 2006, investors will be sent documentation indicating that they can withdraw 100% of their investment including the interest accrued, or continue to participate until the target goal is met. Should the target goal of $3.5 Million USD be met, no further investors will be allowed to participate.

Please fill out the following information:

Amount Investing

Please submit this notarized form and your investment check to the following address:

Kinann Construction, Inc.
POB 2611
Novato, CA 94948

Or via your credit card by logging into and sending to

Please have this document and your signature notarized at a local notary:

I _______________________ am declaring that all the information submitted above is true and correct and that I am the authorized individual submitting the monetary dollar amount to Kinann Construction, Inc. for the purposes of investing toward the housing development located in FuZhou, FuJian, CHINA

This copy is submitted to Kinann Construction, Inc.

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