New this vehicle cost 160,000 USD, and I have over 190,000 invested.

This vehicle is a must see. Authentic Numbered Hennessey Venom 650R Aero Viper that will dyno the horsepower it is supposed to have. Dynoed at 660 Horsepower from Infineon Raceway Racers Group (Sears Point), and again at Schatz and Krum Performace. This vehicle, numbered 2 of only 11 for the year 2000, and out of only 32 ever made, will kick butt on any vehicle you happen to encounter, Ferraris, Lamborginis, Stock Viper GTS's and even the new SRT10. My father has an SRT10 and starting at any speed the Hennessey easily pulls away. This vehicle even pulls hard away from most bikes you encounter.

Purchase Now: $105,000

For more information
Contact the owner: Robert S. Kinann

Phone: 1 800 657 2210