New this vehicle cost 160,000 USD, and I have over 190,000 invested.

This vehicle is a must see. Authentic Numbered Hennessey Venom 650R Aero Viper that will dyno the horsepower it is supposed to have. Dynoed at 660 Horsepower from Infineon Raceway Racers Group (Sears Point), and again at Schatz and Krum Performace. This vehicle, numbered 2 of only 11 for the year 2000, and out of only 32 ever made, will kick butt on any vehicle you happen to encounter, Ferraris, Lamborginis, Stock Viper GTS's and even the new SRT10. My father has an SRT10 and starting at any speed the Hennessey easily pulls away. This vehicle even pulls hard away from most bikes you encounter.

EXTERIOR: The vehicle is a VERY BEAUTIFUL Steel Gray Pearl Coat Metallic with the 2500 dollar factory strip option of light silver gray. The vehicle badges of "Venom 650R" are custom high-reflective and shine during sunlight, and glow at night the colour of the stripes, with the exception of the "R", it glows a highly reflective red colour. High Jack Black Jack Alarm system with dual motion detection and audio status indicator, intense blue leds for alarm notifcation and intense blue lighting emitted from side and rear gills of body.

INTERIOR: Flawless black leather seating and the carpet has no wear. Has Hennessey Venom floor mats and thick carpeted rear hatch area with viper logo embroidered.

PERFORMANCE PARTS/SPECS: Engine has 514 Cubic Inches, 13,000 USD Brembo Gold Racing Brakes (the best you can get) with 3000 USD emergency brake upgrade. Hennessey/Penske 3-way adjustable shocks, dual 5-point racing harnesses, race ready differential cooling unit, hyper-coil springs with upper and lower anti-roll bar, 4-point frame mounted Roll-Bar, 3-piece HRE Racing rims, high-speed venomaero body kit (wing/spoiler, defuser and front airdam), RPS full Carbon/Carbon Clutch system, Half Shaft Upgrade

DC PERFORMANCE PREPARED ENGINE: Far superior to the Hennessy specs, this engine has massive money spent in performance upgraded engine parts built by viper world renowned Dan Craigen of DC PERFORMANCE and only has 4 Thousand Miles on the performance parts which include the following.... DC Performance Prepared Engine, Crankshaft - Forged, micropolished and balanced : Bearings - Cleveitt 77 Tri-Metal : Pistons - JE Forged Custom Supercharger Pistons : 9.55:1 Compression Ratio : Rods - Aero Racing Forged I-Beam : Camshaft - Competition Spec Billet grind/sealed power lifters : Cylinder Heads - Ported, Stainless Valves, Performance Valve Seats : T&D Rocker Arms : Chrome Moly Push Rods : Silicon Hose upgrade kit

This vehicle was specifically set up with the correct parts and compression ratio to just bolt on the paxton supercharger available for 1999 to 2001 vipers. Estimated horsepower will be approximately 800 to 900 depending on the boost you select. Stock supercharger systems come with 7 pounds of boost -- the performance parts in this car can easily handle 9 or 10 pounds of boost!!!

You won't find another car so set up and ready for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE for this price!

EXTRAS: Set of Tires valued at approx. 1100 USD, Additional Front End already painted valued at approx. 4000 USD, Comprehensive Service manual valued at approx. 400 USD, extensive amounts of literature valued at approx. 200 USD, Original Owners manual and original collectors brochure valued at approx. 200 USD, HIGH-TECH Tire repair Kit mounted in rear valued at 475USD.

This automobile has always been garaged and never driven in the rain, nor has it been smoked in.

Should you have any questions or comments, please visit the web site, contact Robert at 1800 657 2210 or eMail me at

NOTE: This vehicle is technically not even a Dodge, it never saw a dodge dealership, it was sent directly to Hennessey Motorsports in Houston Texas from Chrysler Motor Corp. This is an Authentic numbered car and Hennessey has contracts with Chrysler to warrantee his work, hence Hennessey automobiles are not just aftermarket kits like other companys.

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Contact the owner: Robert S. Kinann

Phone: 1 800 657 2210