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Response from a buyer of "Epicurean Recipes of California Winemakers".

Thank you for such prompt delivery. I wanted you to know why this meant so much.My Mom and I were very close. We both loved vintage things, and spent many happy hours ogling items in antique shops. We once found an older cookbook with illustrations that looked as if done by hand with one color splashed here or there on the page. I told my mom that one day when I bought an older home I would use the pages of a cookbook like that to "wallpaper" my kitchen. I bought just such a house. Sadly my Mom became ill with cancer, and recently passed away. I took care of her in my home for 9 months until she passed away. I quit my job to be with her, and have not yet returned to work. I thought about my kitchen, and had the opportunity now to do what we had said. Yours was just one of 6 books I bought online last week, all identical. Yesterday I started crying, thinking about Mom. The mail came, yours was the 1st one to arrive!! Last night I completed one wall, and love it, Mom would've too!! Thanks.