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About Me

I am a Sagittarius, which explains a lot about me. I also believe that I am here on planet earth for a reason and that no experience should be wasted.

I believe in a creator. I believe that there is more to life than the things we see and can prove. I don't have any doubt that God provided a way of redemption for all mankind. We all travel on separate paths but are probably more connected than we realize.

Books, especially the good ones, open our minds to new and wonderful possibilities. They allow us to escape the harsh realities of life and plant seeds of hope and new ideas that bloom and make us grow as individuals.

I have some books I will keep as long as I live to read over and over. "Nobody's Boy" was the first book my mother read to me. I will have the images of it in my mind and heart as long as I live. There are many books that bring strong visual images to mind: "Dear Mad'm" is one, "Sacajawea" is another, "Thorn Birds" another.

My favorite authors are Phyllis Whitney, Debbie Macomber, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King.