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Shouldn't you do everything you can to protect your investment?

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SUPER•COTE® Exterior Coating

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PCH realizes that your home represents one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime. Shouldn't you do everything you can to protect that investment? SUPER•COTE® COOLWALL® systems are specially formulated to do just that — and more!  Better than paints and stains, much less expensive than vinyl and fiber-cement siding, more advanced than any other coating system on the market today, SUPER•COTE® COOLWALL® systems provide your home with maximum protection against the elements, as well as freedom from regular maintenance.  In fact, COOLWALL® is the only coating system tested effective by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oakridge National Laboratory to save you on cooling costs.  More importantly, SUPER•COTE®  COOLWALL®   is the only true "GREEN" coating system.  Textured Coatings of America, Inc., is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Energy Savings

Coating Application  Super-Cote

The SUPER•COTE®  COOLWALL® finish has been specifically forumulated to reflect the sun's heat, lowering surface temperatures by up to 40 degrees when compared to traditional paints in many colors.  This revolutionary heat-reflective finish produces a longer service life and the best weathering and durability in the industry.

Maintenance Savings

Having SUPER•COTE® Genuine (TC100 or Classic) or COOLWALL® applied to your home can help you save tens of thousands of dollars in painting costs over the life of your home.  In fact, depending upon where you live in the country, you could save over $80,000.  So over time, SUPER•COTE® may not only pay for itself, it may actually pay you!

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