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I sell worldwide!

Welcome to my Book Closet.

When I was younger, I had so many books that I began storing them in top shelves of kitchen cabinets and in the pantry, but mostly filled my closets with them.

Today, in Geri's Book Closet, you will find a WIDE variety of reading material, plus postcards, 8-track cartridges, sheet music and other items that I continually add each day. I am also teaching my grandson Joshua, who is 12 years old, about buying and selling; so occasionally, you will find video games, Yu-Gi-Oh cards and other outgrown toys.

My greatest joy is when I connect the right item to the right person. I once sold Sergeant York to a descendant of that family, and most recently I sold a book signed by the author, inscribed to a man who was actually related to the person who bought the book.

Strange and wonderful things may happen from a book connection.

People may see a postcard of a place they once visited or lived as a child and it brings back wonderful memories for them. Or many times I will sell a book to an individual who read it as a child and now wants to read it to their children. A while back I sold a Johnny Cash banner to a huge fan in the UK, and we still stay in touch via email.

Through the book "Three Came Home", I met a former Green Beret who is living in the Philippines who hooked me up to a librarian there in a high school that is desperate for classics for her students. I find books for them and he pays the postage to get them there.

Selling stuff isn't always just about is about staying connected to the world we live in.

Through the book "The Tenth Insight", I met a man who made the world of flowers come alive. He is the most talented "undiscovered" Canadian photographer of flowers. I am so amazed.

Through another book I found a wonderful site for writers. The stories go on and on. Visit the Writer Gazette: A writing resource site that provides free writer-related articles.

Great books bring people together.