Flowers Purple

If we make our goal...

... to live a life of compassion and unconditional love, then the world will indeed become a garden where all kinds of flowers can bloom and grow.

~~Elisabeth Kubler Ross


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Upon purchasing a new domain, always print the WHOIS and domain registrar information.  Keep it filed for future reference!  It proves YOU are legal owner of the domain in case an unscrupulous individual or domain registrar attempts to illegally transfer it and succeeds.  Change your password often.  Report IMMEDIATELY any abuse, spam, attempts to gain illegal access to your domain or requests to transfer your domain that have not been authorized by you.  NEVER allow your domain registrar or your hosting company to act as the "domain service provider" for your domain.  Manage your own domain! And NEVER have your domain hosted by the same registrar who registers it.  Keep two separate accounts with two different companies. Register your domain at a registrar, and host that domain at a hosting company. 

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Our Services

  • custom, individualized web development for the small business or personal site
  • domain, hosting and maintenance solutions
  • development of a site which reflects your company or you as an individual
  • advise you of web page standards and work with you to incorporate those standards along with your ideas
  • design a site that is functional and easy to navigate
  • valid html
  • valid css
  • focus on making you another satisfied client

Nuestros Servicios

  • costumbre, desarrollo individualizado de la tela para la pequeña empresa o sitio personal
  • soluciones del dominio, del recibimiento y del mantenimiento
  • desarrollo de un sitio que refleja su compañía o le como individuo
  • aconséjele de los estándares y del trabajo del Web page con usted incorporar esos estándares junto con sus ideas
  • diseñe un sitio que sea funcional y fácil de navegar
  • HTML válido
  • CSS válido
  • foco en la fabricación le de otro cliente satisfecho



I was astounded by the attention to details given to us...

She stays current in her field and always has the answer to my questions.

PJ really LISTENED to what our ideas were and gave us great suggestions on how to design our website...

She is consummate in her desire to please.