Seller's Services

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Seller Representation

When meeting with the seller there is one major goal for our meeting and that is to qualify and quantify the sale of your business. This may be the single largest transaction in the cycle of your business and we take great care to make sure you have all your needs and concerns answered before we can proceed to the next steps.

Therefore, during our first meeting, we will take a look at all the necessary financial documentation, expound the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and understand how you have operated the business. From there we will do an in-depth evaluation of your business and the industry it falls in. With this upfront information, we will make a determination if your business qualifies as a business we can sell for you. If we know we can’t sell it for you, we won’t waste your time.

From there, we will do a preliminary valuation of the business and give you a fair estimate of what we think the business sale could bring. We will always recommend you obtain a third party business valuation for your business before selling it. We have independent partners we work with that can offer this service for you.

We will also offer you an overview of the marketing services that will be used to sell your business.

The most important matter we undertake for you is working closely with you and potential buyers. The services we provide for you are:

  • Creating presentation material for potential buyers
  • Marketing plan that comprises the different sources utilized
  • Interviewing and screening potential buyers
  • Protecting your businesses privacy and the sale of the business
  • Review and negotiate offers, terms, and structures
  • Help with investigation of the process
  • Complete the closing process

It is very important to us that the whole sales process is done confidentially and with respect for all parties privacy during the transaction, so we take pride making sure all information remains secure and private during the process and afterwards.

We only provide the seller’s information to potential buyers who have been financially qualified and have signed all preliminary privacy documentation.