Buyer's Services

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What Services We Offer The Buyer

We can offer consulting if you’re interested in searching for a business opportunity. If you are interested in purchasing one of the businesses we have listed we stray from duel representation.

You may ask, why? Since we want to give each and every client our utmost attention and service, we do not want a seller and a buyer to be confused as to which interest Advanced Business Sales, Inc. has in mind.

Our first responsibility is to the seller of the business we have listed with Advanced Business Sales, Inc. Therefore, if you are interested in one of our business listings, we recommend that you have separate representation.

With that in mind, if you choose not to have your own representation, we can give you basic advice on what you should consider.

If you are simply interested in utilizing Advanced Business Sales, Inc. team to help you locate a business of interest, we can accommodate you with consultation. Just like a real estate agent helps you find a house to live in, or invest in, we can help you find a business to acquire.

Buyer representation begins by determining your needs, interests, skills, experiences, capital resources, and financing to help you determine what kind of business you’d most likely want to pursue.

From there, we will do an extensive industry analysis for you and locate a possible company that will fit your needs, interests, and specializations. The research performed will be on the company’s history, the owner, financial strength, industry overview, and much more. When a potential business is located, we will assist you with the initial offer, due diligence of the company, and remain by your side all the way through completion of the deal.

After the deal is completed, we don’t simply forget about you. We want to remain a partner and help you with strategic and exist planning.