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Due Diligence

It is important to do your due diligence and make every possible effort to investigate the investment you are about to put your life savings in. It would be outrageous to just throw your money into some stock or CD without investigating whether the company you are investing in is profitable, stable, and has the possibility to give you the return-on-investment that you desire. So, knowing what you stand to gain, what you stand to lose, and when to exist is very important.

Even if this is the first business you’re going to purchase, you need to figure out what kind of return on your money you want. If the business you are looking to purchase doesn’t have that capability, then there is no reason to continue to pursue it.

It may be a dream of yours to own a certain type of business or be your own boss, but if the business isn’t producing any profits, and you’re not looking to purchase it to turn the business around (because you have a secondary source of income), you might want to continue your search for a profitable company.

Between Advanced Business Sales, Inc. and our outside partners, we can assist you with the due diligence and help you make a logical decision if the company of interest fits your needs.

We will also help you with the valuation of the business and assist with determining if the listing price is at a premium, or if you’re getting the business at a discount. This service is not intended to replace a third party evaluation and we will always recommend that you get a third party valuation before making and finalizing any purchase.