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Managing Partner — Jason FroehlichJason Froehlich

Jason has earned the trust and respect of his clients during his 12 years in the financing industry. His wealth of knowledge allows him to provide the superb personal service and financial perspective that clients have come to rely upon. He works closely with clients and has a proven ability to respond to their needs.

Many sellers may dismiss this, or not even consider it, at the time they are looking to sell their business, but the most important part of the transaction is the financing. If the buyer can’t find financing for the transaction, the seller may be forced to hold on, or carry the business, longer than expected.

This is where Jason’s experience lends credit in assisting buyers by find financing as quickly as possible.

Jason prides himself with finding a "Win-Win" for his clients, and helps negotiate a purchase price that all parties will be satisfied with.

Having been party to hundreds of business transactions, Jason has developed the analytical experience of the financial worthiness of many companies. This provides a great service to the seller for aid in discovering the right price for their business.

Not only has his experience offered the opportunity to analysis a business, but it also has allowed him the ability to have the insight of a prospective buyer/investor.

Finding a willing and able buyer, screening them to make sure they can afford the business opportunity they are seeking, and helping eliminate the “tire-kickers” is an ultimate relief for any seller.

It is important that you continue to run your business successfully so you can get the highest possible price. Jason takes this headache off your hands and deals with the prospective buyer(s) so you don’t.

Getting the cash you want and the freedom that comes along with having your business sold is a number one concern for most business owners. The most important part about hiring a consultant/broker is to help you sell your business.

Sales and marketing is what Jason has been doing for the last two decades, and besides being a business owner himself, he understands one thing — If you can’t market it and sell it, you won’t make MONEY.

It is nice to understand all the analytical parts of selling a business, but at the end of the day if you can’t get your business sold, your dreams are put on hold. This is Jason’s strongest skill. He likes to sell. His passion is helping other people reach their goals.

Networking and marketing your business so it sells quickly will be Jason’s number one goal for your business.

Selling your business is what he does best.

Contact us today to set up an appointment to have your business sold with us. Our guarantee is that we won’t take any shortcuts in selling your business.